Roof Damage

A well-constructed roof is one thing, but proper roof ventilation is another. Vents are very important components of your roof, and it deserves to receive just as much care and attention as your entire roof does. Your home could avoid several issues simply by finding the right solutions to prolong the life of your roof ventilation. We discuss some helpful tips to consider when inspecting your roof ventilation. 

Regularly Investigate the Condition of Your Attic 

When it comes to maintaining roof ventilation, a good place to start is by looking into your attic. Sometimes roof and ventilation damage may not be noticeable from the outside. A roof attic is one place where you can find roof or ventilation damage, if there is any. If you notice any signs of damage when checking your attic, they should be attended to right away as the damage can affect ventilation. 

Keep Temperatures Low in the Attic 

When hot air escapes from your home’s attic, you save your air conditioning unit from having to work harder than it should to cool for your home during warm seasons. If your home is warmer upstairs than it is downstairs, it might be time to consider new roof ventilation, which can easily resolve this problem. New ventilation will help better circulate cool air in your home and keep utility bills low as your air conditioning unit will not overwork itself. 

Make Sure Airflow is Equally Coming In and Out 

Proper ventilation requires intake vents and an exhaust component. Exhaust vents allow hot air to escape the home. Wind turbines could also be attached to the outside of your roof, designed to catch wind and air and cycle the hot air out of your home as it replaces it with cooler air. In addition to exhaust vents, it is beneficial to have intake vents, which allow cool air to enter the attic. Intake vents are also offered as edge vents, which can be installed under soffits or under shingles near the drip edge by the gutter of your roofing. 

Keep Vents Clear and Open from Debris 

One of the leading causes of roof damage, including ventilation damage, is the presence of debris in one’s yard. This is especially a problem for those who have shrubs and trees in their yards, in which heavy branches could fall on one’s roof during severe storms or weather. To ensure your roof ventilation doesn’t face any serious risks, try trimming trees that hang over your roof and clearing your property of any debris. 

A Well Sustained Roof Calls for Well Sustained Ventilation

When you maintain and keep up with your roof, you also ensure that its ventilation is in proper working condition. By getting maintenance and repairs done for your roof, you knock out two tasks all in one project. You can get your roof inspected and schedule maintenance and speak to a professional about what you can do for your ventilation. No doubt, a roofing contractor will be able to inform you of the right steps to take for maintaining roof ventilation. 

Add Insulation 

When looking over your roof and its ventilation, you will want to confirm that your insulation is not covering any area of your roof vents. On that same note, you should also determine whether you are lacking in insulation. By adding or replacing the insulation in your home, you can further decrease energy costs and improve indoor comfort overall. While adding new insulation to your home, you want to be careful that you are not covering up your vents with insulation, as this can impede your ventilation’s ability to properly circulate air. 

Get a Roof Inspection 

And of course, should you need extra help or support in sustaining your roof ventilation, you can always contact a roofing company. While you may be able to resolve some of these issues on your own, it is always best to rely on the knowledge and skill of a roofing professional. The sooner you seek solutions to prevent roof ventilation damage, the easier and faster it will be to get the work done. Never procrastinate on getting preventative work done, as problems can cascade into bigger issues. 

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